Sunday, 6 March 2011

An Award

Oh my what a surprise I had last week I've been given this award by blogging buddy Margaret at Denique Crafts.All I have to do to get this award is list 8 things I know about myself and give this award to 8 other blogs. Easier said than done.
Well 8 things I know about myself in no particular order

1. I love all things crafty
2. Totally mad about parrots as if anyone that knows me hasn't already figured that one out.
3. My computer which is my life line to the world,so many great blogs out in blogland keeps a girl occupied for hours, if only I could sit that long in the first place.
4. Genealogy love tracing my family tree and helping others trace there's.
5. Friends where would one be without good friends.
6. I hate that FMS/CFS limits what I can do but equally I have made some amazing friends in the last 11 years.
7. I hate celery.
8. I love chocolate yum yum

Now for the eight blogs to pass on to. Always a difficult decision so many great one's out there. So again in no particular order.

Poppet's Place
Shirls Cards
Crafty Patti's cards
Veronica's Designs
Flissy's Crafty Haven
Linda's Crafty Creations
Jacilynn Dashwood
Hau to craft


LINDA said...

Congrats on your award hun, and thanks so much for thinking of me to pass it on to.. Your so sweet!!
Hugs, Linda

Pops x said...

Thank you so much sweetie for thinking of me, biggest of hugs love pops x x x

Vee said...

What a lovey award to receive, thanks so much for thinking of me!!
xx Vee

Jacilynn said...

oh, how sweet of you to think of me. this means a lot to me. Thanks a bunch.