Monday, 7 February 2011

How Old ???

Blimey how much worse can this year get and it's only February.
Firstly I get a cold that knocks me out for three weeks.Then just as I thought I was getting better I go into the garage and go flying all over the place. I ended up with two black and blue and swollen knees, a bruised arm and my big toe is all swollen as well.It's been nearly two weeks now and I am still hobbling around. It sure put a dent on my mojo.
Thinks are starting to look up though and over the weekend I even managed to finish this terms Calligraphy project. Not bad considering on Wednesday I had barely started.Jackie the teacher will be in for a shock on Wednesday.Now I have to think of something else to do until the end of term.
This is the year when a lot of my friends and also unfortunately me too reach the big 50 so plenty of special cards to make this year.
This card is for Friday Sketchers Challenge 140

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