Saturday, 7 February 2009

Genealogy is T-R-E-Erfic

This card is not for any challenge from a blog but one my friend Alan set me. Both of us are mad about genealogy so he challenged me to make a genealogy themed card.This is the result I couldn't think clearly again this week as I've had three migraines but I will not be beaten on a challenge, so this is the best I could come up with for now. Does the tree remind you of anything Alan? The photo doesn't really show the font I used to clearly but it is one called Pinewood and all the letters are like branches.Stamp is from Stampin'Up.
The snow is almost gone so hopefully I will be able to get out next week for some fresh air which will clear my head. I'm going to my friend Gill's next week so hopefully I will come home with more ideas.


Nicola said...

Great card Glenda and what a fab tree stamp. You defo won Alan´s Challenge. -x-

Gillian said...

Love the play on words with the sentiment and of course the stamp. A lovely card Glenda and a great idea. See you Thursday

Gill x